Castle Airport Video Conference Center

Located just inside the main entrance to Castle Airport at Buhach and Santa Fe, this state of the art facility is considered to be the premiere facility of its type in the San Joaquin Valley.


The room details and rates are as follows:

Small Conference Room:       200 square feet, one oblong table, 8 chairs and a dry erase board.

                                                                           Rate: $30.00 per hour or $195.00 for all day (six hours or more).

 Large Conference Room:      550 square feet, customizable table layout including 25 chairs, dry erase

                                              board, mounted overhead computer slide projector, screen, VCR and DVD. 

                                                      There are two of these rooms.

                                                               Rate: $45.00 per hour (two hour minimum) or $300.00 for all day (six hours or more).


Full Conference Room:          1100 square feet (includes both large rooms), customizable table layout
                                              including 50 chairs, dry erase boards, mounted overhead computer slide           
                                              projectors, screens, VCRs and DVDs.

                                                     Rate: $65.00 per hour (two hour minimum) or $450.00 for all day (six hours or


Video – Conference System:  Can be used in one large conference room or the full conference room.  The

                                              system can be set to audio only or real-time audio and visual. It can be part of
                                              a two-way or three-way video-conference.

                                                               Rate: Audio only $10.00 per hour

                                                               Real-time audio and visual conferencing - $45.00 first hour

                                                                                                                            $11.25 for each 15 minutes thereafter.


A use agreement will apply and a deposit may be required. Telephone charges (for video and/or audio conferencing) will be billed within 45 days of the conference system use.


For scheduling, tours, or other information please call 385-7686.